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Writing I got Paid For



I write about beer and whiskey full-time; this is my day-job. That means I sell my best stuff, and I hope you'd like to read some of it. The links below are to stories I've sold to Beverage Business and Cheers magazines, the Chicago Tribune, Ale Street News, and anywhere else I've made a sale. (If you come across a dead link, please let me know. Thanks.)

Cold Hard Football Facts is a lot of fun if you're a football fan...a particularly obsessed football fan. Kerry Byrne, who is a damned good writer and funnier than hell, takes on the "pundits" with facts, stats, and not an ounce of fear, writing a site that will, I think, become a household name in fans' homes this year. I write the beer column for the site. So go there, already.

BeverAge: This is the seven-year archives index for BeverAge  magazine, a magazine for Massachusetts beer stores and wholesalers (formerly known as Massachusetts Beverage Business). You can check out all the stuff I've written for them here.

The Formaldehyde Story: This is actually a piece on about six 'beer myths,' but every month I get hits from people Googling "beer and formaldehyde." It's no longer up on the Beverage Business site, so I put it up here for your pleasure.

East End Brewing: A short piece on a new Pittsburgh brewery.

Pennsylvania Beer Tasting: something I did for the Real Beer Page, a tasting of five PA beers for American Beer Month. Dance, Fat Beer, Dance.

Perkuno's Hammer: A piece I wrote for Ale Street News on how I helped Tom Baker of Heavyweight Brewing develop Perkuno's Hammer, a big (8.0%) Baltic-style porter (Tom picked it up and runs it on his website).


If you see anything here that seems crazy, or if you think I've contradicted myself somewhere, please click here.

Chicago Tribune pieces:

Try Rye: meet an American classic, rye whiskey.

Hard Times in Jalisco: why tequila is going to cost a lot more soon.

Small Canadians: Canadian whisky goes upscale to look for new drinkers.

Lost Spirits: gin from Scotland? Bourbon from Virginia? Scotch from Oregon? Why do these distillers run against the grain?


Cheers pieces:

My Kind of Town: I look at Philly's beer for Cheers.

Selling Winter Beers: telling Cheers readers how to sell their winter beers well into spring.

Malt and Malts: a piece I did on bars that have good beer and good single malts (this has come off their website, along with the rest of the November '02 issue; dunno why, here's the text).

Beer in Transition: the latest beer trends piece I did for Cheers, in November of 2005.


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