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Lew Bryson's Philly Beer Week Events

Everything you need for a great time in 

America's Best Beer-Drinking City

Philly is putting out the welcome mat for beerlovers from near and far in March, and I'm right in the thick of it. There are a lot of events all week, and I've got something almost every day. Here are my events, and contact information for the places that are putting them on. 
Please note: any and all tickets must be bought from the individual venues!
Hope to see you in Philly!

Saturday, March 8th. I'm  hosting a Breakfast of Beer Champions, an all wheat beer brunch at the renowned Grey Lodge Pub in Northeast Philly, that starts at 11 AM. A pancake bonanza, weisswurst, and syrup for your pancakes made from reduced Victory Moonglow...and all the great wheat beers we can find. Priced a la carte.

That night I'll be presenting "Porter v. Stout: a bright dark line" at the Tria Fermentation School. I'll be taking everything I've learned from reading Ron Pattinson and Martyn Cornell's excellent blogs and spreading the New Word on the evolution of porter and stout, the differences between them, and generally celebrating the diversity of the spectrum of dark ales. Starting time is 6:30 -- plenty of time to get in a little education before heading out. Price: $45

Sunday March 9th I'll be back at the Grey Lodge for an Upstate Beer and Game Dinner. Scoats has found a source for game, which we think will make a great pairing and match-up for beers from an array of small breweries from upstate Pennsylvania that only the author of Pennsylvania Breweries could bring you. Price: TBD, tickets go on sale February 1.

Monday, March 10th "That's Not Belgian!" at the delightful Chick's Cafe (614 S. 7th St., Philadelphia). As alert readers know, I only discovered Chick's recently, and loved it. Chick's has built a beer list different from any in this beer-happy city, and a central feature of it is a core of French, Italian, and Spanish beers, from breweries that are quite Belgianesque in their disregard for traditional brewing...but are not exactly Belgian, either. We're going to pair an array of these non-Belgian beers with food from their respective homelands for a beer dinner that should be like few Philly or anywhere else has ever seen. 6:30 PM, Price TBD.

Wednesday, March 12th "Philly Area Beer: Yeah, We've Got That. Join nationally-known beer writer Lew Bryson and local beer scene guru,'s Bryan Kolesar, at one of the hottest new beer bars in the area, TJ's Everyday in Paoli, for a wild waltz through the breadth of beer produced by local brewers. Want Belgian? Got it. German? Jawohl! British? Certainly, dear boy. American craft innovation? Yo,we're all over that. Bryson and Kolesar will lead you through the local harvest with details, suggestions, and brewery stories, while TJ's kitchen supports it all with a grand presentation of their famed cuisine a la biere. 6:30 PM, pay as you go beer and a $25 six-course tasting menu."

Thursday March 13th is a big night for you fellow fans of lager: Executive brewer Jay Misson and I are putting together a big Pilsner Gala at Triumph Old City. We'll have at least two pilsners from Triumph, including their luscious Kellerbier, at least one pilsner from Sly Fox, Victory, and Tröegs, and Carol Stoudt said she'd try to get us a special keller version of Stoudt's Pils. That's what we've got so far...we're working on more. While you delight in the astonishing variation in this vastly under-regarded beer type, feast on authentic German schmankerl, the beer hall snacks we love so much. This will run from 6 to 10 PM: pay as you go.

Friday I'm staying home to watch my daughter in her school play, and Saturday...I'm keeping my options open.

Sunday the 16th: I'm hosting an all-Pennsylvania beer brunch at Fork, including as much PA Preferred food as we can get. Naturally I'm excited to be doing a beer event at one of Philly's top restaurants. I hope you'll be able to join us before calling an end to your Philly Beer Week; we start at 11. Price: TBD

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